Starlink service, which managed to become popular soon after its introduction, is facing a new problem. According to the published report, Starlink may become the target of space weapons on the grounds that it poses a security threat.

Explaining that the global economy is becoming more and more dependent on space applications, the officials said, mediparkonline “The widespread use of space-based technologies will have global repercussions beyond military technologies. We think that the technologies available to the end user will become a bigger problem than those used in the armies.” made statements. indigodisplays poker99

In an article published in China’s Modern Defense Technology magazine in April and soon removed, “We think Starlink satellites will significantly increase the operational communications capabilities of the US military. indiafunsWe may need to disable and track some satellites.” statements were included.

Arcade games were indispensable for an era. Games that are still very popular are one of the best ways for people to have a good time. NASA also shares the memory of the 80s and 90s with the new space game. Morpho RD Service

It may not be nymphs-in-gardens.tumblr possible to examine celestial objects as an observer at NASA, but in the new game of the space agency, you will encounter galaxies, supernovas, planets and black holes.
Roman Space Observer Game, itsawanderful-life.tumblr which can be played online, contains all the nostalgia. The music playing in the background in the game, which is easy to play but difficult to master, is also very suitable for this theme. You will definitely be nostalgic with NASA’s new space-themed game. goznews

You direct a telescope in the game. cherada You can move the telescope, which consists of blue squares representing the field of view of the observatory, by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. In order to catch the celestial objects wandering in space, you need to press the ‘Space’ button. You only have one minute to catch the celestial bodies. The goal is to collect the most points. kignews

Each celestial body has a separate score. Galaxies that are easy to catch have a low score. Green exoplanets, on the other hand, are fast and very difficult to catch. namasteui In order to catch the yellow James Webb Space Telescope, you need to be both lucky and have quick reflexes. Dark matter and black holes, on the other hand, will not be easy to catch, as they are very difficult to see. joker99slot

The Roman Space Telescope is named after a groundbreaking astronomer known as “Hubble’s Mother”. Nancy Roman, one of NASA’s first female administrators, came to the fore with her work for the Hubble Space Telescope. sjekk ut finanza

Nancy Roman passed away on December 25, 2018. NASA pays homage to arcade games with its new game and presents the future of astronomy to us. If you liked Space Invaders game, we are sure Roman Space Observer Game is for you.

Includes all privileges in Essential and Extra packages
In addition to the library of 400 games, another library of 340 games
The library of 340 games includes original PlayStation, PS2, PSP and PS3 titles on PS Now.

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In countries where PlayStation Now is available, the original PlayStation, PS2, PSP and PS4 games offered in Extra and Premium packages will be playable on PS4, PS5 and PC via the cloud.

In the past years, Nokia has made large investments in 5G infrastructure. In fact, it is stated that it has reached approximately 129 billion Euros. However, Nokia could not take the necessary steps as it had patent disputes with OPPO for a while.

As a matter of fact, the company announced that it had sued OPPO for 4G and 5G patents in 4 different countries a while ago. In response, OPPO responded by filing separate lawsuits in 9 different countries. But as of today, the winner has been determined in Germany.

Nokia got what it wanted: OPPO and OnePlus banned in Germany!
Nokia had filed a total of 9 lawsuits against OPPO in three regional German courts for five patent infringement. He even said that he had jeopardized his 129 billion Euro investment. As a matter of fact, the German District Court convened today took a new decision in the case between Nokia and OPPO.

After the relevant decision, it turned out that OPPO objected, but the judge saw the Chinese company as an invalid licensee and therefore rejected the objection. It is also stated that Nokia started the process one step ahead by recruiting lawyers who won Daimler and Lenovo cases into its team.

We are here with the secret codes on Android phones, the most popular mobile operating system of today! In this way, you can access much more information about the device, test any hardware and access settings that the end user cannot see directly.

There are general codes that work on all Android devices, from the flagship model to an affordable option, as well as special secret codes of brands such as Samsung and Xiaomi. Here are the known secret codes…

If you have an Android device, you can access various menus, settings and information by typing the codes we shared below into the search section on your phone. However, it should be noted that some of these codes, with which you can activate various modes, may not work on every phone due to their manufacturers’ own interfaces.

In addition, when buying a second hand smartphone, many people use these test codes to check various features of the device, from the screen to the speaker. Also, considering that special access codes such as device reset among modes can cause data loss, you should consider making a backup before doing this.

Pseudo-secret codes, which are part of the MMI scheme, are slightly different from USSD codes. But both start with an asterisk (*) followed by numbers from commands or data. Number groups can be separated by additional asterisks. It ends with a hash (#), but special MMI codes may end with an asterisk.

Menu-based information, mobile money and location-based content services use USSD codes to communicate with the operator’s servers, while MMI Additional Service codes work completely offline.