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Your website contains a lot more information about your visitors than you may realize. Yes, you know all about Google Analytics, but it’s just so complicated sometimes…We know that it can be intimidating.

Is there another way??

Why, yes, yes there is. And today we’re going to tell you all about Clicky (formerly known as “Get Clicky”). Clicky is all about REAL TIME analytics. Seriously. You can get a notification that there is someone on your site right this minute, and find what they’re doing. (Ok, maybe it’s a smidge creepy, but also pretty cool).

Another neat feature that you can’t get in GA is that you can actually track down to the individual user. So you can find out all kinds of good stuff about your visitors, to find out what people are really looking at: if your new photo gallery is luring people in, or if nobody is even reading the beautifully-crafted content on your About page.

You can find out where your visitors are from, and whether they check out on their phones or laptops (make sure that site is responsive, guys!).

It is also very easy to use and navigate, and they don’t often move things around, so you’re not constantly learning how to get to the same information week after week.

Actionable Data

Clicky also gives you heat maps and paths, so you can know for sure who people are reading your site, and how they navigate through it. This will give you insight into where the best place on the page is for certain key elements, or how best to arrange your navigation for better results, based on actual data of what your users are doing and clicking on.

Real Numbers: Because GA uses averages in its data numbers, they can be misleading. For example: if 100 people look at 1 page on your site, but one person looks at 100 pages, this would throw off your average and give you a false sense of what’s going on. You would think that most people are looking at multiple pages, when in fact only one person did. In Clicky, you can see actual users and their actions and time on the site.

Clicky example

LOADS of information you can get from Clicky

You can also check on the actual keywords that people are using to find your site, unlike in GA. This will help you fine-tune your adwords and SEO. With the Links feature, Clicky users can find out where users have come from. You can also check on the performance of specific Campaigns that you’ve set up.

Other Neat Features

With the Uptime Check, you can make sure that your site is going strong 24/7, checking every 30 minutes if you want to.

Twitter search: Monitor Twitter mentions and follow subjects you are interested in. From their help site:

“One of the best things about this is that Twitter’s built in search only goes back about a week. But if your monitor what you’re intersted [sic] in with Clicky, not only do you have pretty much an unlimited history of tweets you care about (starting from the time you create your search on Clicky), but you also get summary reports of overall activity, activity by user, hashtags, links, sentiment, etc.”


For new SageRock System members, be sure to ask about getting a free Clicky account that Sage will set up for you, to get in-depth analytics for your site, so you know exactly what’s working and what isn’t.

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