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To see these Mobile video tools in action (and Sage impersonating Kenny from South Park): check out the webcast here.

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Mobile Video Tools

This week’s webcast was a rundown and sampling of a variety of video tools you can use on your smart phone. Seems like there is a new one every day (and in fact, Twitter just came out with a new one), and video is the on every marketer’s lips. So instead of hiring an expensive team to make a video for you, you can always make your own with your phone!

Here are the highlights:

Twitter Video

  • NEW! (and not Vine, which is owned by Twitter-that’s later)
  • Right in your Twitter app; no need to use eomthing else
  • You can edit videos in-app as well
  • Use the Camera icon, which should also then give you the option of a red video icon: twitter videotwitter_video2



  • Then you shoot your video. Easy as that!
  • You can attach it to a tweet and send it out
  • This feature is in the newest update to the Twitter app, so if you don’t see it, make sure you’ve updated.
  • When it uploads, people do have to actually start the video; it doesn’t start automagically
  • Sage’s verdict: C, on a scale of 1-10, mostly because there aren’t much in the way of features


  • You can shoot 3-15 seconds of video
  • In the app, there is a camera button, then a vide icon (also a switcher above that):Instagram video









  • You can use the same filters as on the photos
  • When you are editing, there is a circle on the left side that enables you to choose a cover frame
  • Then write a caption
  • And add your location; the location feature on Instragram is more specific than in Twitter (Sagerock offices, rather than just Akron, OH)
  • You can also post to Twitter, Facebook, or Foursquare from the same screen
  • The video starts automatically, without sound at first
  • Sage’s verdict: better than Twitter


  • Much has been made about Vine videos being 6 seconds, but come to find out they are actually 6 and HALF seconds long
  • owned by Twitter
  • There is no button to start recording: you push on the picture
  • Taking a Vine video









  • The wrench icon lets you edit
  • Ghost feature lets you line up shot to another one
  • Preview and checkmark to post
  • You can post to Facebook & Twitter as well as Vine within the app
  • Location is specific, like Instagram
  • You can add to a channel


  • What the kids seem to be into these days
  • You can also add text or draw on your video
  • Can send to specific person/people, not just post
  • You can also post to a “story” – which is probably how a business would be more likely to use it


  • Owned by Instagram
  • You shoot a video and this app will speed it up
  • You can choose how fast it goes
  • “selfie lapse” – turns the camera
  • You can edit in Instagram
  • Share on Facebook, Insagram


  • Live video
  • You can essentially become a “roving reporter” with your phone!

YouTube- Capture

  • You can also add music from within the app & control the volume
  • Add and drop clips
  • YouTube Capture





  • Add a title & upload to YouTube!


Fun fact: Medium.com recently did an “Ask Medium” Twitter campaign and posted the answers to the questions as video responses.

Until next time, Stay Warm!

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