Just the Words: Remarketing- Follow Your Prospects like a Bad Rash

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Google Remarketing Infographic

Google Remarketing Infographic

<– This, in a nutshell, is, well, how remarketing works.

Basically, it’s a way to target folks who have already been to your site (downloaded your app, whatever) on other sites they visit around the web.

So if someone comes to your online store and puts something in the cart but doesn’t purchase it, remarketing lets you essentially follow them around the interwebs, reminding them that you still exit and maybe they will come back and finish their purchase.

Or you can create lists of people who looked at certain types of items on your site, in order to specifically show them that type of item on other places they visit.


So Mr. Tanguy there in the infographic is totally checking out those animal print wedges, but his boss walks by so he doesn’t have time to buy them. But you have the magic remarketing tool from Google, so on all kinds of other sites that he visits (for however long he stays on the list, like 30 or 60 days), a cute animal print wedge ad shows up, reminding him that he really likes those shoes. Maybe the ad offers a coupon code or free shipping as an incentive to come back and buy.

You can make up a bunch of tailored ads for different segments of your visitor list, to show them ads that are specific to the types of items they were looking at.


It’s really simple: the ad manager program you use (for ex, Google Adwords) will generate a snippet of code that you put in the footer code of the pages on your website that you want to track from. Google does the rest!


You do have to have a minimum number of people on your list before the ads will show. Programs differ, but 100 is the lowest that we’ve heard of. So if you’re not getting a ton of traffic to certain pages, you may need to limit which pages you use.



Reasons to Use Remarketing:

  1. Most important: Reach people when they are ready to buy! Strike while the iron is hot, yo.
  2. Tailor lists to your specific marketing & sales goals. If you’re having abandoned cart issues, then set up a list just for that (and get feedback on why: is there some key ingredient that’s missing in your checkout process?)
  3. Large scale reach! Everyone will be super-impressed when you show up on the New York Times site.
  4. Efficient pricing: Usually less per-click than traditional ad words if you use it correctly, especially if you’re in a field with high-dollar keywords (like marketing).
  5. You can now remarket for keywords & phrases in Google. So say someone visits the Sagerock site, and they get put on the remarket list, then they do a Google search for one of our terms (like “SEO”), where our (Google) ad then pops up to them. So it’s cheaper than regular adwords, because it doesn’t show up for just anyone who searches “SEO,” just our targeted leads.
  6. Easy ad creation. Unless you’re the design-challenged person we talked about a few weeks ago, making up a decent remarketing ad isn’t difficult. Though if you hire a designer, he or she could usually do the whole series for a good price.
Abandoned cart remarketing ad

Remarketing example

How to Set up Remarketing in Google

  • In your Adwords account, Create Campaign
  • Display network only
  • There’s a “remarketing” button that you check
  • Pick a list
  • Then Adwords creates the code tag, or (new feature!) Google can use your Analytics tag from your website
  • It will auto-create an “All Visitors” list from all of your web pages, but you can create separate lists for each product/page/etc.


There are lots of different services out there that “do” remarketing beside Google, like AdRoll. Kissmetrics has a comprehensive list of reviews. Each one has a different set of sites that you are buying exposure to, so your audience may visit sites that are more in one group than another, so choose wisely.

You can now do this kind of targeting within Facebook and on Twitter, where you can show your ads to followers or pages of competitors.

One of the great things about remarketing is that you can find out exactly where your target audience hangs out online, without having to guess.

Most services will expect you to have an explicit privacy policy/disclaimer on your site.


And if you’re missing the antics of Sage & Greg, you can always watch the show!


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