Flash Round! 10 Steps To SEO In 30 Minutes

Published on January 30, 2015 by Sage

The Tools is Thursdays at 3:15 Eastern Time here:

The presentation here:

And if you like your words in the written variety, here’s the summary writeup of this session: The Tools Show: 10 Simple Steps to Great SEO

Remember when Neo in ¨The Matrix¨ got that metal penis stuck in the back of his head and he suddenly learned Kung Fu?

That’s going to happen to you today, my friends.

You are going to come to The Tools Show at 3:15 Eastern time today and we are going to instantly fill your brain with the most amazing knowledge about Search Engine Optimization you can possibly get in 30 minutes.

I’m not saying all of you will become so proficient at SEO in 30 minutes that you will be able to dominate the top search listings for some of the most dirty and disgusting phrases millions of people type in daily into Google and you will make millions by tomorrow morning in the super lucrative porn search optimization industry.

But that will happen to some of you. And it is my hope that you will at least be kind enough to watch The Tools Show next week from your Belize oasis that you will have bought over the weekend.

So if you are ready to instantly become a search engine optimization complete master (some people will start calling you a marketing god after 4:15 today) then be sure to come to our show so we can quickly fill your head with the only 10 steps you will ever need to master SEO.


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