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Published on March 5, 2015 by Sage

Sage & Greg, The Tools, 30 Minutes of Web Marketing Goodness
HEY! We’ve got a new Web site:

There is a world of brilliance out there. We are living in the greatest era of art humanity has ever seen.

We will look at some amazingly brilliant things in hopes of inspiring you to do even more brilliant things than you are doing now.

Take your bad-ass self to a higher level. Get inspired to be greater than you already are.

See you at 3:15 Eastern time.
The live show happens right here:

3:15 Eastern Time.

And once you watch that you will very likely be compelled to just keep watching past shows. Maybe you will watch shows that you haven’t seen. Maybe you will just want to watch shows that you’ve seen but you want to relive the experience one more time. You can do that from our home page here:


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