Remarketing – Follow your prospects like a bad rash

Published on February 5, 2015 by Sage

Here’s the written version of the show if you are of that persuasion: Remarketing: Follow your prospects like a bad rash

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You’ve seen them…

Those poor saps who send out one direct mail postcard. Those tepid, fearful souls that send out one email swearing they will never write again and NO this isn’t spam!

You don’t want to be that person. You want to be everywhere. You want to be ubiquitous.

A person goes to Reddit for their “AWW” kitty fix. Those closet Republicans that just pretend to be Democrats because it’s cool that sneak over to Rush Limbaugh’s web site at 2am on Tuesday morning. The man who is desperately trying to bulk up with the latest hormone injections, steroid supplements and raw meat diets reading every article at Flex.


You’re there. You’re everywhere.

You are that little floaty thing in a person’s eye that just won’t go away.

You are that ring worm that the fat sweaty guy gave you at the gym because he didn’t adequately wipe his man juice off of the rowing machine.

You will look as large a brand as Amazon, Wal-mart or the Polar Pop at the Circle K gas station.

People will call you asking you how you ever could afford that ad in The New York Times.

You will look as savvy, smart and sexy as Don Draper when he sold Kodak on the renaming of The Wheel to The Carousel. “It lets us travel around and around and back home again.” People will have to leave the room weeping because they are so impressed with your marketing abilities.

You can learn all of that today at The Tools Show. Missing this will be like missing the chance to get a free ride to the Space Station. You simply can’t let it pass you by.

See you at 3:15 Eastern time.
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3:15 Eastern Time.

And once you watch that you will very likely be compelled to just keep watching past shows. Maybe you will watch shows that you haven’t seen. Maybe you will just want to watch shows that you’ve seen but you want to relive the experience one more time. You can do that from our home page here:

See you soon!

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