The Write Up: Use Instapage to Blow your Leads the Hell up!

The TOOLS Show: January 15, 2015
Check out the full 30+ minutes of fun here: Instapage for fun & profit!

 So what the hell is “Instapage” anyway?? you may be asking.

It’s a kick-ass tool to make amazing landing pages.

And what the hell is a “landing page”??

Good question. If you’re not a marketing geek like us at Sagerock, and you have an actual life, we realize that you may not throw this term around in your day-to-day conversations the way that we do. But you’re probably smart enough that you’ve figured out already that a landing page has something to do with a page that an internet user might land on. Good job! Because that’s exactly what it is!

Here’s an example:

landing page example from instapage









Specifically, it’s a way to get potential customers (leads) to focus on ONE thing that you want them to do–download a report or whitepaper, sign up for your newsletter, get a quote, schedule an appointment, whatever…and when they do that, you have captured their information to be able to have a conversation with them.

Unlike your homepage, which may have lots of information about all the different things you do, a landing page is focused very tightly on one particular target audience, and getting them to do one specific thing. Plus, it’s great for analytics, because you can put the URL of the landing page on an ad online or in print, and then you can see how many people come to the page from that specific ad, making it easy to see how effective that ad/outlet is or isn’t. With your homepage, you get people coming from all over the place, so sometimes it’s harder to pinpoint what made them visit that page.

It’s also an easy way to use some nice-looking photos of people who have been tested. There is a lot of data and theory about the best images on landing pages, and you certainly don’t need to comb through it all; that’s why you have people like us and the folks at Instapage helping you out!


Why use a landing page?

So imagine that you paid for 100 leads from a Google ad for $1 each. That’s $100, right.

And your current page that they come to from the link in the ad is converting (getting people to do what you want, e.g., sign up for your newsletter) at 10%. Using our 100-lead example, that would make 10 people who signed up.

If you want to increase your sign-ups to 20, you could increase your spend on Google to $200, assuming that your conversion rate stayed the same (for simplicity’s sake in this example). And for 100 conversions, you’d have to spend $1000!

Keep in mind, that a 10% conversion rate is pretty much unheard-of; 2% is much more likely. (But 10% was easier math!)


You could increase your conversion rate from 10% to 20% without paying Google any more moula. Better, right?

That’s what a good landing page does.


Let’s look at some data

As Sage & Greg demonstrate in the video, this is an example of the analytics page in Instapage, where you can measure the effectiveness (conversion) of the various landing pages you can set up. Yes, you can create as many versions as you want, and Instapage rotates them, so you can see which version(s) convert the best. 

In this example, these are three (ignore Variation A, as it was just used for testing and the 100% conversion rate screwed up the Improvement number as well; that’s why it’s scribbled out) landing pages that we put together for the Sagerock System (free for 30 days!).

Instapage analytics demo

A snapshot of the analytics on Instapage













If you take a look at the Conversion Rate column, you’ll see that Variation D isn’t converting nearly as well as B or C. You don’t even need to know what’s on the page; just by the numbers alone it’s obvious that D is the least effective, and we should turn it off and just use B and C. The rates on those are TWO times better, so why waste good leads looking at the one that doesn’t convert?


Can I do it?

Why, yes you can! You can see a (granted, a bit crazy) walk-through of the process in the video, if you need to, but honestly, it’s quite simple.

  • Create Page
  • Pick a template (have fun!)
  • Name the page
  • Play around with the colors & images: use theirs or yours (We like baby bears and pretty women who look at the form, not the user! Trust us, it’s a weird psychological thing.)
  • Take the time to work out the right words
  • You can make anything a link & even put in a pop-up form
  • The eyeball icon lets you Preview what you’ve got

And for a limited time, if you sign up for the Group Consulting in the Sagerock System, you get a free Instapage space to try it for yourself!

Audience Q&A

Some Questions from the real-time show audience & Answers:

Q: What if I have 20 different products; do I have 20 different landing pages, each with variations? 

A: You can! Or, we recommend that you focus on one of your most popular products, make some variations for that one and test them. Once you have an idea of which variables work well, then you can use them in other product-focused pages.

We’ve learned over the years that there’s really no way to predict what will convert. The only way to know is from testing.

And when it comes to landing pages, it forces you to really distill your focus to what is the most important question: What do you (my potential customers) want? And because it’s so easy to find out, you can change your messaging for different sections of your audience, testing until you find the best way to reach each one.


Q: Where does the information from the form go?

A: Wherever you want! Instapage has integration with all of the major email providers, like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc. so your lead email addresses can go straight onto a list. You also get emailed when anyone fills out a form. Another cool feature of Instapage is that they also save the contact information, so if anything disastrous should happen, you can still access that list of leads.

Head on over to Instapage and check out the landing page goodness! Let us know how you like it.

Well, that’s it for us this week.

Join Sage & Greg Thursdays at 3:15pm EST for another exciting episode of The Tools Show, online marketing fun!

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